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AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bicycle  Fat Wheel S07-2

AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bicycle Fat Wheel S07-2 Item NO.: 175136

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Product Name AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bicycle Fat Wheel S07-2
Item NO. 175136
Weight 40 kg = 88.1849 lb = 1410.9585 oz
Volume 0.38 CBM
Category E-Bike
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Creation Time 2020-07-05

7 Days Ago


My girlfriend and I each bought a S07-2 in late June 2021, and it took about 7 days to be shipped out. Got it about 5 days later, so overall shipping was much faster then I expected. I was nervous about whether this company was legit, but they are! The bikes came in boxes that were easy to unpack and put together, despite coming with no instructions. Once we started riding it’s been non-stop ever since! Overall this bike is pretty awesome. It is very fast, rides very well, and the fat tires handle pretty much all terrain. They also get ALOT of attention wherever we go. However, the bike isn’t perfect. The original seat is awful, so you’ll want to upgrade. The brakes are also really, really bad. They’re very spongy, and squeaky. Lastly, the 10.4ah battery is decent, but we’ve only been able to get about 35 miles out of it. After riding for awhile now (about 250 miles) I realize I need much more range…because once you start you will not want to stop! Oh, and the original decals are pretty awful, and they’re impossible to remove, so we just painted over them. Much cooler looking when painted all flat black. I also bought decals for the tires, and a. aftermarket brake/turn light. So clutch! Overall though, this really is a great ebike for the money.

7 Days Ago


This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. This bike is only $1,000. It is not made out of cheap parts. I use it to get to work, the gym, and I take it on trails. This bike has not failed me yet. I have 150 miles on it so far and I love it. If you are looking for an electric bike buy this bike. You won't regret it I promise you. The customer service is also excellent. They gave me a free bike bag and discount.

7 Days Ago


I saw a review of the AOSTIRMOTOR bike on YouTube, and I searched for the brand information of AOSTIRMOTOR. I want to try to ask them if they have trial rides because I am worried that this bike is too big for me. They told me that there is no trial ride for the time being, but there may be later. I was very close to their warehouse, so I chose to pick up the bike from their warehouse because I couldn't wait to ride it.
The bike was tightly wrapped in a box with a small box for parts and kit. I think these tools are quite sufficient for the installation of the bicycle. It took me about 45 minutes to set up the bike. It wasn't very complicated.
I tried the bike the next day and it was perfectly capable of handling hills and beaches. I also have been worried about the battery life, but after a day of riding it was perfectly fine. Buy it!

7 Days Ago


I finally get to ride bikes with our grandchildren! That's great!

7 Days Ago


very practical electric bike

7 Days Ago



7 Days Ago


I received the review request they sent me and I forgot to write a review for this awesome bike.
This bike is easy to ride and does not feel heavy. It is very similar to a normal bicycle, but there is a battery on its frame, which saves me much effort when riding. Once I rode 25 miles, it still had electricity. I am going to buy a spare battery so that I can consider a bicycle trip. Even if the battery is dead, I can ride like a bicycle.

7 Days Ago


I took it out this weekend on a 10 mile trip. It can adapt well whether it is gravel and field roads. This is a very good electric bicycle.

7 Days Ago


An amazing deal! A friend bought a Rad Rover, so comparing the two was easy! I'm way glad I bought the Aostirmotor! It performs great and I saved hundreds!

7 Days Ago


I should have purchased this electric bike earlier. Its frame is well-made, it has plenty of power, and the price of this electric bike is very reasonable.

7 Days Ago


I received this electric bike in September, and I have been riding it for about a month. Overall this is a great electric bike, which is cool when you ride it. It is different from ordinary bicycles. It gives me a different experience. I now ride about 5 miles every day.

7 Days Ago


This bicycle is easy to assemble, without complicated steps. It is more convenient to assemble than the electric bicycle I bought before. I am also very satisfied with the price.

7 Days Ago


This is a super cost-effective electric bicycle. Its price is not very expensive, it is excellent compared to electric bicycles with the same performance.

7 Days Ago


My friend recommended this electric bike to me,so I placed an order directly.I thought it would take a month or so to receive this bike,because my friend just waited for a month,but I didn’t expect it to be shipped quickly.Assembling is not a difficult task for me,it took me about an hour to assemble it.I encountered some problems when setting up the meter.Although the seller responded to the emails not very fast,it was acceptable.I haven't officially ridden,I tried it,and overall,there is no major problem.

7 Days Ago


The battery of this bicycle is detachable,and it will be easier to charge than imagined.

7 Days Ago


It is much larger than I thought, and it may be more suitable for commuting.

7 Days Ago


This electric bike rides very smoothly,but after a few days after I received the goods,I found it was doing activities.This makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

7 Days Ago


My tires are always flat for some reason.I checked my tires and found no signs of punctures.

7 Days Ago



7 Days Ago


Overall, it is still very good, but the original saddle is not very comfortable, I plan to have time to reconfigure one myself.

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