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Electric Mountain Bike S07-B
Electric Mountain Bike S07-B


US$ 1013.22 ~ US$ 1299.00
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  • 7 Days Ago
    The previous blizzard was so big that I couldn’t try riding when I received the bike. Now you can finally ride a bicycle.
    For this bike, it is really suitable for commuting, and now it is my only means of transportation. Coupled with the assisted ride, it is very easy to ride. It can ride about 15-18 miles under the fully assisted situation. It perfectly solves my commuting problem.
  • 7 Days Ago
    AOSTIRMOTOR's after-sales service is really good.
    This is my first time trying a bicycle. I don't know anything about this big guy, or even how to use a battery switch. They told me patiently how to open the meter and so on. This makes me feel differently happy at Christmas.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Bought this bike on Black Friday and it arrived about 10 days later.

    The derailleur was bent and I had to take it to a shop to have it adjusted.

    Customer service was very responsive and paid for the repair.

    The bike is a DREAM to ride. I took it for a 21-mile ride and it was a piece of cake. I had done that ride before with my regular street bike and it used to kick my butt, especially the hills. With this e-bike, I still got a great workout, but the hills were easy now with the pedal assist!

    I highly recommend this bike and company.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I chose 26 in the 20 and 26 fat tires. Their 20 is a folding electric bicycle. I am entangled in the two bike models and I am not sure if I need the folding function. But in the end, I chose S07-B. I have considered buying an A20 later.
  • 7 Days Ago
    This is a birthday gift my son bought me. I am 66 years old, but I like outdoor sports, so they bought me this bike.
  • 7 Days Ago
    This bike I bought on Black Friday is amazing!
  • 7 Days Ago
    Bike itself is awesome! It's powerful, handles well, has good range and looks like it will last. Only problem with it is the assembly instructions are confusing and the owners manual has inaccurate information.
  • 7 Days Ago
    what an e bike, a dream. i wanted this e bike from the beginning. now that i have it i'm glad i bought it here. Good communication with problems that are also solved! they have high demands on themselves and try to meet them. I am happy...
  • 7 Days Ago
    I recommend this electric bike to everyone! Cycling is so much fun, I see so much more on my bike than in a car.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I bought three electric bicycles in total, two 26 and one 20 because my wife is relatively small. I am now considering purchasing spare batteries for my electric bike so that we can ride further.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Simple assembly and smooth riding made me experience the fun of bicycles.
  • 7 Days Ago
    There is no manual for this bike and no installation tutorial. It is easy for me to install a bicycle because I am a bicycle mechanic. But for my customers, it is still a bit difficult without installation tutorial.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Was the full praise. The packaged box is very strong and there are no gaps when I receive it. The packaging of the electric bicycle is also very good, and no scratches were found after unpacking the foam. It's amazing.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Great bike, even pedaling uphill is no problem for me.
  • 7 Days Ago
    AOSTIRMOTOR customer service responded promptly. I told them my problem and they quickly gave me a solution.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Good bike. It is a bit heavier than I expected, rather than that it is great! I really enjoy it.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I really like S07-B, it has been with me for a long time. I like to ride it to the park, and also like to ride it through the streets. The time to be able to ride freely is really great!
  • 7 Days Ago
    I am a person who loves cycling very much. The bicycles I have ridden are not exaggerated and can be piled into a hill. This is my first electric bicycle. Compared to previous bicycles, this electric bicycle has a pedal assist system, which makes my riding easier. I may also be older, not as strong as before. In short, I am very satisfied with this electric bicycle.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Recommend it.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I am very grateful for this electric bike, it has changed the way I look at life. Every day I am now full of energy, I really like this electric bike.
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