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AOSTIRMOTOR Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike A20
AOSTIRMOTOR Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike A20


US$ 899.00
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  • 7 Days Ago
    Have used it on and off pavement and it is rugged and comfortable to ride. Fold up feature is great for traveling.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Folding bikes are so convenient! It just fits in the trunk of my car. This way I can take it with me on a trip! So convenient to ride it in the countryside!!
  • 7 Days Ago
    This bike is great, a bit heavier than I expected, but this bike is great to ride. love it
  • 7 Days Ago
    Luckily, it arrived before I was going to go on a bicycle trip. This bicycle does not make annoying noise. I don’t like the pattern very much, but the staff told me that I can paint it in my favorite color.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I had been wanting to get an ebike for the last year, but the prices made me hesitate. This is a good bike, especially for the price. I've only had it a few weeks, but I absolutely love it.
  • 7 Days Ago
    It’s really beyond my expectation. The logistics may be slower and you need to wait patiently, but the bike did not disappoint me. The quality is very good.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I really love the A20. This bike is small and flexible, and the battery is really durable.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Oh!I really like this bicycle so much, it makes me love it so much, it’s very suitable for riding out.
  • 7 Days Ago
    After opening it, I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted to buy an electric bike for a long time. I was surprised that it did not disappoint me.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I saw many styles of electric bicycles and finally bought this one. It did not disappoint me. After the goods arrive, I need to install them by myself. The battery and the bicycle are sent separately. The battery may arrive a little later, and the speed is very fast. I also bought the back shelf, I like it very much
  • 7 Days Ago
    My son likes this bike very much, I will buy him another one in the future
  • 7 Days Ago
    It looks good, and the seller responds quickly to the message
  • 7 Days Ago
    Got the A20. Went together fine. Had to do some major ajusting to both disk brakes. Not sure an inexperienced/nonmechanical person could do the adjustments i had to do. To get them to work correctly. Wish the owners manual was matched up with the model I received. It came with a general manual for all their models. Hope Aostarmotors starts carrying replacement parts, battery, rack(shelf), tires… for the A20.
    Works great now. For the overall its made well.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I love the bike it’s great I love to ride it .
    The only thing is that I never got the rack that was supposed to be included with it . Other than that I’ll give it all five stars
  • 7 Days Ago
    Ordered 1st bike off newegg got it 2 days ago. Easy to assemble and ride I am 5'4 this bike is perfect. I had ordered another brand but the wait time was to long, wanted to have bike for camping and vacation this year. First ride was very easy to maneuver bike and fun to ride. In the past few weeks I have ordered additional bikes directly from Aostirmotor 2nd bike arrives tomorrow. All you bikers have fun and enjoy the ride!
  • 7 Days Ago
    My English is not very good.
    Help me, please: My heigth is 5.0 feets. I want to know if this e-bike (foldable, 500 W) is for me?
  • 7 Days Ago
    My husband height is 5'3, this bike is just right for him. We ran into some problems when folding the bicycle, and later they told me that the folding buckle needs to be lifted to complete the folding. I think this should be added to the instruction manual.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Our two bikes arrived today. Absolutely perfect for us. First time in 30 years in a bike and its made very easy and comfortable on mt Aostrirmotor bike.
    Agent we dealt with was Ashley and she is a legend. Answered all questions nothing was a problem so doing our own import was made easy. Thank you so much Ashley
  • 7 Days Ago
    Great bike and service love them
  • 7 Days Ago
    This is my first time buy an electric bike, and they recommended this folding bike to me based on my height. It is small and installation was easy. Customer service was very fast and helpful. I highly recommend it.
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