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Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike A20
Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike A20


US$ 799.00
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  • 7 Days Ago
    Our two bikes arrived today. Absolutely perfect for us. First time in 30 years in a bike and its made very easy and comfortable on mt Aostrirmotor bike.
    Agent we dealt with was Ashley and she is a legend. Answered all questions nothing was a problem so doing our own import was made easy. Thank you so much Ashley
  • 7 Days Ago
    Great bike and service love them
  • 7 Days Ago
    This is my first time buy an electric bike, and they recommended this folding bike to me based on my height. It is small and installation was easy. Customer service was very fast and helpful. I highly recommend it.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Their after-sales staff is very patient, even if I have a lot of questions, they will answer them one by one. Nice!
  • 7 Days Ago
    It suits my little daughter, and my little daughter likes it very much. My little daughter’s height is 5’3 now. She rides with her sister for about 5 miles every day, and this bike needs to be charged once every ten days.
  • 7 Days Ago
    It is more suitable for my wife, and my wife likes it very much.
    I am considering whether to buy another one!
  • 7 Days Ago
    This is my 2nd with with AOStirmotor. I had purchased an S07-b for myself and I LOVE it. My wife is 5' 3 so the only bike that will fit her is the A20.

    I ordered it on 1/10 and it arrived 3 days later! Installation was easy. It took me longer to assemble my S07-b, since the instructions very generic and it's the same for all their bikes. Having assembled the other bike, it was fairly simply to install this bike.

    I did have one slight problem with my front disc rubbing against the calipers slightly. After playing with it a little bit, I ended up replacing the washer for the tire with a slightly thicker one and it aligned the disc perfectly.

    Also, there's no instructions on how to turn on/off the front light. I figured out by reading online that you press the + and menu button simultaneously for 3 seconds (for my S07-b, it was holding down the + button for 3 seconds).

    Took the bike out for a quick spin and the bike is very agile. The shifter worked perfectly also!

    You simply cannot beat the price of this 500W bike. It's a great value!
  • 7 Days Ago
    The folding bike is really space-saving, it can even be placed under my son's table. It is not very heavy for my son, because he keeps exercising every day.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Best Folding Portable Electric City Bike! I ride A20 to work every day, which makes me feel more and more that this electric bike is the right purchase. I highly recommend my colleague buy a Folding Portable Electric City Bike, too.
  • 7 Days Ago
    This electric bicycle increases the time I spend with my daughter. Now we often ride bicycles together on weekends. I like my life now.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I received the electric bicycle I bought for my wife. I think this bicycle is very suitable for ladies to ride to and from get off work. And this is a foldable bicycle, it is very convenient to carry.
  • 7 Days Ago
    I like the orange color of this bicycle, it gives me a very energetic feeling. I bought this A20 when they were doing an event on Black Friday. It is very light and easy to take out for a picnic.
  • 7 Days Ago
    The advantage of a folding bike is that it is very small and it is more convenient than other bicycles. I was worried about the battery life of this bike, so I bought a spare battery. The fact is, I can consider starting a long-distance trip.
  • 7 Days Ago
    small, mini, portable, favorite
  • 7 Days Ago
    great e bike. you guys need to have parts like ties and inner tube for the wheels for sale as well so consumers like myself can purchase parts for the bike due to wear and tear.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Very good shopping experience
    This bicycle is very small. I already have three electric bicycles at home, but there is no such foldable bicycle. We used to put our bicycles on the roof when our family went out to play together. Now we can put our bicycles in the trunk. Their after-sales service is also very good, and the email reply is very prompt.
  • 7 Days Ago
    Fast charging speed and riding is smooth
  • 7 Days Ago
    5 stars. For a folding bike of the same price, this bike is definitely worth 5 stars. It has a lot of power, and there is no problem with riding 20 miles.
  • 7 Days Ago
    The biggest advantage of this folding bike is that it occupies a small space, and I can put the bike directly into my trunk.
  • 7 Days Ago
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