Europe's E - bike Is Growing Rapidly And Blooming Everywhere

Due to economic, cultural, environmental and other factors, Europeans love E-bike more than people abroad imagine. Europeans love bicycles very much, and they are also the center of the global bicycle culture. The bicycle industry has been in a downward trend for many years. The emergence of E-bike has become the biggest driving force for the development of European bicycle industry. The European E-bike market has been in full bloom and its share continues to grow.

In addition to the hot climate affecting the increase of electric vehicle sales, the Swedish government launched relevant subsidy policies, with a maximum subsidy of 1000 euro for the purchase of an electric bicycle, which has also become a development assistance; from September 2017 to August 2018, the total sales volume of electric bicycles in Sweden was 103000, an increase of 53% compared with the same period of the previous year.

In the past five years, the import volume of Denmark's electric bicycles has increased four times, accounting for nearly 10% of the market share, and the total sales volume is about 40000 units. It can be seen that Denmark's electric bicycles have become an important market force.


In 2017, the sales of electric bicycles in Finland doubled again. Although the actual number is still low, it is still estimated that the number is slightly more than 5000.


Electric bicycles are driving the development of German bicycle industry, and the sales volume of electric bicycles in 2018 is 36% higher than that in 2017. In 2018, the sales volume is about 980000. Today, for every four bicycles sold in Germany, one is an electric bicycle.

In 2018, the Dutch bicycle market expanded to an unprecedented scale, with sales reaching 409400 units, up 38%, which is due to the rapid growth of electric bicycles. Today, e-bikes are the largest bicycle category in the Netherlands and become the new standard.


In 2018, the sales volume of electric bicycles in France reached 338000 units, a growth rate of 21%, setting a record high. At present, the sales amount of electric bicycles is 535 million euro, accounting for more than 40% of the total value of French bicycle market.


E-bikes also have a place in Belgium's consumer market. In 2018, the sales of e-bikes grew by 14%, reaching 251500. Electric bicycles have become the largest bicycle category in the Belgian market, with a market share of nearly 50%. Thanks to the tax incentives introduced by the local government, Belgium's electric bicycles have grown rapidly.

The sales of electric bicycles in Switzerland set a new record in 2018. Sales totalled 111000, with almost every three bicycles sold, one of which was an electric bicycle.

Sales of electric bicycles in Austria also broke records in 2018. According to statistics, the total sales volume is about 150000 vehicles, an increase of more than 10%, and the market share has reached 33%.

According to the statistics report of Italy's domestic bicycle and Locomotive Industry Association (Confindustria ancma), the sales volume of electric bicycles reached double-digit growth in 2018, and the output also increased significantly, which is in line with the market development trend of other EU countries. The sales of electric bicycles in Italy increased by 16.8% to 173000, while the output of electric bicycles in Italy increased by 290% to 102000.

The development of the Spanish E-bike market is relatively slow, but E-bike also has a place in the Spanish bicycle market. AMBE, the Spanish Industry Association, points out that e-bikes are also starting to change the country's bicycle market. According to AMBE's statistics, the sales volume of electric bicycles in Spain in 2018 was 111297, a substantial increase of 55% compared with 2017. Electric bikes now account for about 11% of the total bicycle market in Spain. The average selling price of electric bicycles is 2165 euro, so the sales of electric bicycles occupy a higher proportion.

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