Everything You Need To Know About Aostirmotor Electric Bike S18


Aostirmotor electric bike S18 is the latest innovation in the world of electric Bikes. You will immediately fall in love with the bicycle once you set your eyes on it. Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself. It is a very effective way than using a typical car. They will not emit any poisonous gases to the environment like vehicles.

Cycling is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise as well as strengthening the muscles of the legs. Cycling is also the best way of enjoying your beautiful environment than zooming them in the car. Cycling will bring more enjoyable, meditative, and spiritual activities, and the Aostirmotor is one of the best around for you.

However, there are some reasons that make peddling only not enough. You may be needing that extra push, and that is where the electric bicycle comes into. You may be needing an extra push so that you may ne reach your work station with too much sweat on your body.

Some circumstances may require you to peddle, and when you want your bike to ride you. in this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the Aostirmotor electric bicycles.

Features of Aostirmotor Electric Bike S18

Unique appearance design

Aostirmotor electric bike S18  has a very unique design that has made its movement be effective. The unique design has enabled the bike to be wind resistance and drag. You can ride it in any strong wind.

Has a 750W Motor and Removable Lithium Battery

This fat tire electric bike has a 750W motor, making it a very powerful driving force. It comes with a battery that can withhold the power for a very long time and can be easily removed and replaced when worn out. The lithium battery contains a 48V 11.6ah that supports 15 mph speed and will take only 4 to six hours to charge it. You will not have any complications with the battery or the motor due to their high efficiency.

The battery itself is also long-lasting, and you will not be replacing it frequently but after a very long time.

High quality and very easy to assemble

It comes 90% pre-assembled and permits you to charge your phone using the SWU-LCD display that comes with this fantastic bike. The tires of this bike are very fat and are made from the strong aluminum alloy frame. You do not need to get worried about the reflector as it comes integrated with the front light, rear reflector, F/R disc brake TEKTRO, SHIMANO Outer 7 Speed.

Assembling it is easy, but it is recommended to contact an expert's services if you do not have prior knowledge of the process of assembling it.

Has a 100mm front shock

Adjustable suspension fork offers preload adjust for heavy loads and lockout for smooth terrain. Aostirmotor S18 E-bike can bring you the comfortable feeling.

Adapt to the complex topography

This electric bike uses very fat tires that are manufactured by KENDA. The tires' size is 26*4 inch tires, which are very fat compared to other normal bikes.  The bigger tires offer a very excellent traction, and you will not experience any challenges riding on the beaches, rain, snow, gravel, sand, and even on the ice. Riding this bike will see you have a very enjoyable ultimate biking picnic.

The fat tires make the bike look elegant and can stay for a very long time without spoiling. You will not keep on replacing the fat tires every time as they can last over six months.

Three working modes

This bike has three different working modes that include;

Ebikes- these electric bikes have an electric motor integrated into them and help them in propulsion.

Pedal assisted- there is no Ebike that does not have the pedal-assisted. It has a pedal-assist feature built-in to enable you to activate the motor by pedaling.

Normal pedaled- this is a regular pedal that is pushed by any rider to propel the bike. It is used by the rider when he/she wants to propel the bike forward.

Why choose Aostirmotor

Brand advantage

Aostirmotor is a very professional manufacture that commits itself to provide Electric Bike, Bike parts, and accessories with quality prices for all the clients globally. We supply the most popular products for our customers with excellent and dedicated services.

Are you looking for an electric bike? Then the Aostirmotor is the place to be. You will get the best services here that will leave you satisfied and always coming back for more.

Product advantage

At Aostirmotor, we have combined with many years of experience in the development of the electric bikes manufacturers in our country, and the oversees has developed during recent years. These fundamental characteristics control the quality of all the products and accessories, using the most advanced artistry but gaining a reasonable price in the market.

You will get a fat tire bike that is durable, and you will not experience regular break downs while using them. The equipment used to make our bikes is of the highest quality in the market. You will not be afraid of them breaking down anytime.

Price advantage

You need to purchase our product since our prices are very low and very competitive than others, and we carry out occasional promotion to offer a big bonus to our customers. Do not be afraid to visit us thinking that our prices will put you off; you will enjoy our affordable prices that will see you refer the majority of people in your circle to purchase them.


Which form of transport do you prefer to use?Without any doubt,Aostirmotor electric bike is the best choice.These bikes will ensure you reach the destination you are traveling to faster and in a very comfortable way. In case you are looking for an electric bike, we have covered the best one that is Aostirmotor electric bike, vividly in this article. You are guaranteed a 365 days working experience and if you are not satisfied with the services you have been offered at the Aostirmotor or the Aostirmotor electric bike, you will get very excellent after-sales services.

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