First EMTB - Five Points For Beginners

The MTB version of E-bike, namely emtb, has the characteristics of traditional MTB and can give you a completely different driving experience. But when choosing emtb for the first time, please remember five points.

No.1 choose emtb with high cost performance

Many big brands are promoting emtb, and the prices of big brand products are relatively expensive. The editor recommends that you choose emtb made in China. The product quality is reliable and the price is relatively cheap.

No.2 read the product manual before riding emtb

Emtb and traditional MTB have many similar components, but at the same time, many buttons are added.

The compact and beautiful buttons of emtb provide different functions. For example, there are several auxiliary mode buttons near the handle of the AOSTIRMOTOR. The more auxiliary the motor is, the faster the battery consumption will be.

No.3 Reasonable use of pedals

When you want to take it easy and leave it to the electric motor, in fact, emtb is trying to prove that its real value lies in stepping on the pedal, but when you increase the number of times. If the pedal rhythm is slightly higher than the normal MTB, you will be able to move forward more and more, and the efficiency of the motor will also be improved.

No.4 Turning weight into an advantage

The first downhill ride with emtb will give you a strong sense of the weight of the battery and motor.
However, if you master emtb's speed drop function, you can turn this weight into an advantage. Those who are used to the weight of a motorcycle should be able to get used to it easily.

The first thing you need to get used to is braking. Due to the longer braking distance of emtb, the longer the delay of braking, the more likely you are to get into trouble.

In other words, it's easy to see that this weight is good for downhill riding. As the weight increases the contact with the ground, the risk of falling is reduced even in severely uneven eccentric sections.

No.5 Take a look at the places you couldn't drive before

The advantage of emtb is that it can ride on terrain that traditional MTB can't drive

Now go and enjoy your emtb ride!

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