How To Fix A Flat Bike Tire

Dec 13, 2020
A bike commuter might get a flat tire. How to fix a flat bike tire? Learn to fix your own bike tires by following these 7 steps.

1.Check whether the flat tire is really punctured and eliminate the valve core problem.

2.Pull out the valve core, let the air out of the tire, and peel the inner tube from the outer tube.

3.Then fill the inner tube with air and submerge it into the water in stages to find the place where the air bubbles out, and at the same time identify the damaged place. Without water, listen with your ears. Spit and look for eyes.

How to fix a flat bike tire

4.After finding the leak, clean the area around the damaged area with a flat file or sandpaper and wipe the water with a dry cloth.

5.Apply special glue or adhesive tape and press firmly.

6.Touch the inner tube to check if there are any sharp objects in the inner tube area. If there are any, clean them up to prevent them from exploding again without treatment.

7.Wait for a few minutes, when the tape is dry, repeat step 3 again to see if there is still air leakage. If not, put the air into the inner tube and fill it with air.

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