How To Lube Bike Chain

Dec 15, 2020
The chain is one of the most basic components of a bicycle, playing the role of transmission, traction, is a link between the components. In winter, the chain is mainly faced with two problems: rusting in snow and failure of lubricating oil. Poor condition of the chain will not only affect the riding experience, but also cause damage to the flywheel.

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How to lube bike chain

Type of chain oil

The special chain oil that suggests everybody buys bicycle, oil product kind is multifarious now, basically remember dry sex, wet sex two kinds of style can.
1. Dry chain oil
Dry environment, also because it is dry, not easy to stick to silt, convenient cleaning; Disadvantage is easy to volatilize, the need for more frequent oil.
2. Wet chain oil
Wet environment, suitable for water, rain route, wet chain oil is relatively viscous, can adhere for a long time, suitable for long-distance travel; The disadvantage is the viscous characteristics, resulting in easy adhesion of silt, the need for more careful maintenance.

The correct way to oil the chain
1: clean
You need to clean the dirt on the chain before adding the chain oil and thoroughly clean the surface of the chain, each joint, tension gear and flywheel with a scrap cloth. Caution: never use detergent with degreasing or any strong acid or base, as these will wash away the grease in the joints.

2: Upper chain oil
After cleaning the transmission, you need to reoil it. Important: Do not oil the chain on top of the chain as that is not where the flywheel will come into contact.

3: Wipe off excess grease
The more oil the better is a myth, because too much oil tends to absorb more dust and dirt and wear down the chain. Therefore, wait 5 minutes after oiling to allow it to fully penetrate the interior, turn the drive system several times, and then wipe off any excess grease with a dry cloth.

Frequency of oiling
You can always keep some oil between the joints of the chain, no more, just a little bit.The condition of lacking oil is that the rear roller chain is riding in a bad way and even has rusty spots on it, which needs to be oiled.

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