how to buy the best electric bike

how to buy the best electric bike?

how to buy the best electric bike?While there are plenty of articles online about choosing or buying e-bikes, the AOSTIRMOTOR editor feels most of the writing is superficial: it's mostly about buying big brands and good quality, but there are few specific ways to buy an e-bike.
how to buy the best electric bike
Here editor summed up a more detailed "how to choose and buy electric bicycles" points, I hope to buy electric bicycles for you the car friends some help.

1.Tips for choosing electric bikes NO.1:styleselect
   1)Rear-wheel drive electric bikes are better
      There are three main ways to drive an electric bicycle:
      One is a hub drive, another is a central drive, and there is a suspension drive.Although the middle drive is more advanced, but the market is still the first type of e-bike - hub drive. And hub drive after wheel drive is good, the front wheel drive performance is relatively poor.
   2)The location of the battery
      Considering the balance of the vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle, it is better to place the battery in the inclined pipe or vertical pipe of the vehicle frame. The battery configuration is basically lithium battery. There are also electric bikes with 36V or 48V lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries have a relatively short life span, high weight and less choice for consumers.

2.Tips for choosing electric bikes NO.2:Marco & Normal
1)Commuter:The motor power of this kind of electric vehicle is generally 150W, characterized by simple and smooth modeling, mileage of about 40km, easy operation, moderate price, the price is around 300 ~400 DOLLARS, more suitable for the commuting distance is not too long, work and life have a certain mobility of users.
2)Comfortable:This type of electric bicycle is generally on the basis of the standard model to add a fork shock, saddle shock, headlight, electric horn, etc., it is characterized by more functions, cycling is more comfortable, more convenient use at night. The price is usually around $400 ~ $700, and it can travel about 50 kilometers.
3)Deluxe:This kind of electric vehicle is characterized by novel and luxurious modeling, more complete functions, usually in the handlebars to add a dashboard, to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., some also equipped with turn signal, language tips, rearview mirror, toolbox, safety net, etc. The price is usually around $1,000 - $2,000, and luxury electric cars can be about 60 kilometers away.

3.Tips for choosing electric bikes NO.3:Specifications of the brand
1)Generally, the number of e-bikes is 28". At present, the manufacturer has designed and manufactured 26" or 24" e-bikes to meet the needs of different levels of consumers.
2)About the brand of electric cars. Tell the truth, electric car market still belongs to not too mature stage at present, the electric car of all sorts of brand is mixed. 'I personally think consumers can follow the comments of AOSTIRMOTOR.

4.Tips for choosing electric bikes NO.4:Key points of store purchase
1)According to my actual needs and preferences, choose and buy the appropriate specifications, styles and colors.
2)The appearance quality that chooses electric bicycle vehicle first, basically see trademark, decal whether intact, paint piece, electroplating piece, plastic piece, the surface quality of aluminium alloy piece is satisfactory.
3)Check the quality of vehicle assembly:
    A. All the screws are fastened in place without loosening.
    B. Handlebars, wheels, chains, cranks and pedals should be flexible to run, the ring should be round speed, small circular runout.
    C. Handlebars, saddles, mud boards, clothes racks, and supports should be fitted or symmetrical without obvious deviation.
    D. Moving parts (such as chains, cranks, wheels, etc.) and stationary parts (such as chain cover, clay plate, etc.) shall not rub against each other.
4)The key of electric door and battery lock should try out, it is advisable to be safe and reliable and convenient to use. Electric door lock, battery lock and toolbox lock should be the most convenient key.
5)Open the switch, turn the speed change handle, check for stepless speed change and brake (brake) power failure and braking effect, and check for smooth motor operation and color.
6)Multifunctional and luxury electric bikes also need to check whether all the functions are intact and normal.
7)Finally, the invoices, chargers, certificates, instructions, three packets of cards, etc. should be collected and properly preserved.
how to buy the best electric bike
◆ Select summary of key points of electric bicycle: 
Point 1:Check the appearance to see if the paint and electroplating parts are in good condition.
Point 2:According to the actual operation of the manual, check the working status of the vehicle. Speed regulation transition should be smooth, starting without impact feeling, wheel rotation should be flexible, no sense of stagnation, wheel hub rotation sound soft, no noise, brake should be appropriate, brake reliable.
Point 3:Also check to see if the auxiliary functions (such as power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) are in normal condition.
Point 4:Are the car's supporting accessories, charger, certificate, manual and warranty card complete?

◆ Finally, AOSTIRMOTOR has another 2 points to remind you:
In the selection of electric bicycles, in addition to the above points, there are two places easy to ignore:
1、Service is important:Because at present each electric vehicle parts have not been universal, maintenance can not achieve socialization, so the purchase of electric vehicles must pay attention to whether there is a special after-sales service in the region, if the picture is cheap and ignore after-sales service, it is easy to be fooled. And electric car and bicycle are different, science and technology content is relatively high still. If it breaks down, it's hard to fix it yourself.
2、Check the accessories:The strength requirement and performance requirement of the spare parts of electric vehicle should be higher than that of bicycle. Choose and buy, we should look at the quality of the vehicle selected parts, such as the motor, battery, tires, controllers and chargers for the brand authentic manufacturers.

If you want to buy an e-bike, check out the AOSTIRMOTOR website.

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