Cycling where sky touches the sea

There’s nothing quite like a long weekend ride by the sea. Forget all your troubles and just enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

The Winter Adventurer

Fat tires with 1500W powerful motor, which can handle thick snow with ease and makes your winter riding no more difficult. Winter doesn't stop the adventure. We are built for adventure.

  • Share The Thrill

    A photo, a story, we hope our friend can record the beautiful moments of you and Aostirmotor through the camera and share your beauty with us.


Before Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

We typically ship in 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri). And you will receive your order in 7-15 business days (Mon-Fri). Please know that we are doing the best we can to get orders out promptly.

Will the bike I received be assembled?

Electric bikes are 85% pre-assembled. We will provide the tools and a comprehensive assembly video so you can assemble your bike.
All electric bicycles will be equipped with a manual.
Please refer to the YouTube AOSTIRMOTOR channel to assemble the bike.

How many riding modes do AOSTIRMOTOR ebikes have?

The AOSTIRMOTOR ebikes have 3 riding modes in total.
When the AOSTIRMOTOR's electric bike's power is off, you need to pedal in order to move forward. This is the mode of cycling which is suitable for both fitness and leisure.
When the AOSTIRMOTOR's electric bike's power is on, it will provide powerful support for riding to make the riding easier. This is the mode of assisted cycling, which is suitable for leisure and commute.
When the AOSTIRMOTOR's electric bike's power is on and the right-hand throttle is rotated, there is no need for cycling. This is the mode of pure electric power which is suitable for leisure, commute, and especially the fatigued state.

Can I pick up my ebike at the store in California?

Of course you can. Please contact our customer service to discuss this.